Who We Are

We built a better vacation rental website from the ground up. Then we made it free. Big Holiday Rentals. Vacation rentals, by owner, direct to the traveler.

Big Holiday Rentals's powerful technology allows travelers to search, sort, review and book thousands of vacation properties from more than 13,000 locations worldwide. Then we help pull the whole vacation together with offers for related services like air travel, car rentals and local attractions.

It's one-stop shopping for the do-it-yourself traveler. It's easy, fast, fun and free. It's Big Holiday Rentals. Get your vacation on.

For Owners

You've got a great vacation place to rent. Want to maximize your exposure to an in-market audience of savvy travelers, in real-time, for free? You're in the right place.

On Big Holiday Rentals, you can:

  • List your property type, location, rates and availability
  • Upload up to 30 photos
  • Add details, like amenities and nearby attractions, to increase marketability
  • Use our mapping feature to help renters visualize your location
  • Access and manage qualified renter leads with no spam – our custom search features give you ready-to-rent contacts, not casual shoppers

We won't tell you what to post or when to publish. Big Holiday Rentals is truly self-service. You book and manage your property on your schedule, as far in advance as you like. We'll never charge a fee, and promise not to spam you, either.

Talk it Up  Inspired by popular social networking websites, Big Holiday Rentals's interactive tools allow travelers to rate and review their vacation rental experiences, which can create a buzz about your place. Bigger buzz leads to better search placement and increased bookings for you. So list your vacation place with Big Holiday Rentals and let the buzz – and the bookings – begin.

For Travelers

Looking for a unique place to stay? Get your vacation on with Big Holiday Rentals.

Search our extensive property database by:

  • Location  More than 13,000 vacation hot spots around the globe
  • Property Type  Choose from single-family homes, condos, cottages and more
  • Dates and rates  Find properties that fit your timeframe and your budget
  • Amenities  Want a hot tub? How about free Wi-Fi? Big Holiday Rentals's sophisticated search engines help you find your perfect vacation place, one feature at a time
  • Nearby attractions  Ski or scuba, national parks or theme parks – customize your search results with tags and keywords

Plus, read property reviews and ratings by savvy travelers like you. All for free.

With easy planning tools at your fingertips, you'll feel like you're already on vacation. So let Big Holiday Rentals help you get your vacation on.

How Big Holiday Rentals Makes Money

Big Holiday Rentals connects vacation property owners, managers and travelers for free. No hidden agendas. Just an easy-to-use marketplace for rental accommodations.

You'll notice ads for related services, like air travel, car rental and vacation attractions. When you click on these ads, we make money. We even make it easy, by offering ads specific to your destination. After all, if you're going to Hawaii, you don't need ski lift tickets.

By clicking on our targeted ads, you get services that help pull your whole vacation together, and we get revenue to keep bringing our powerful vacation network website to you. It's a win-win.

About the Ads  We place only those ads that can actually be helpful in planning your trip. No miracle diet banners. No surveys or sweepstakes invitations. Just travel-related offers and services that put the tools to create your dream vacation at your fingertips.

Our advertising partnerships allow Big Holiday Rentals to offer one-stop-shopping for all your travel arrangements. Find your perfect vacation place, and then click on our ads to fill out your trip. And if there's a vacation must-have we don't feature on the site, let us know.

For Property Managers and Agents, Big Holiday Rentals has developed a platform that automates delivery, updates, and distribution on sites like AOL Travel, Cheaptickets.com, Local.com and many other popular, high-traffic travel websites. Learn more about Distribution Network Service »

For other travel-related services, like Airlines, Restaurants, Spas, and Attractions, Big Holiday Rentals offers targeted Hyperlocal Advertising to our over 13,000 destinations. Learn more about Hyperlocal Travel Advertising »

Interested in our Rental Distribution platform or Local Advertising? Give us a shout, or call Matt at (877) 833-1555.

For Property Managers & Agents

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